Friday, December 21, 2012


We're obsessed with local diners. The older the better.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

In Honor of Sandy Hook Elementary School

Having experienced tragic death of some loved ones in my life, (although I will never begin to pretend that I understand what these families are going through in Connecticut) I know that one of the things that makes it hard is to feel like the world is moving on without you, almost like the tragedy never happened. You want to scream and tell everyone to stop and feel, even just for a minute- to feel that time paused to mourn with you. Because sometimes it feels like the minute someone is lost is the minute where they will remain. So if time could hold its breath, maybe you can stay close to that person for just a little longer.

Even though the families in Connecticut will never know of me I still wanted to do something to show them that I stopped my world to be with them for a time.

As a photographer one thought I had through all the sadness was that I hoped all the families had lots of photos to look back on and remember their children and loved ones by. How important those photos will be to them now- they will be the places they can go to see those faces, to know that their memories are vivid and true. To keep them real.

So I wondered how I could help. And while I don't personally know any of the people in Connecticut,  I know all of you. And we're all in this together, right?

It isn't much but:

I'm giving away 5 free photo sessions.
To the first 5 people to contact me, (that's fair right?)

-----> And the guidelines are this: <----
The spots have all been filled up and the guidelines have been taken down

Email me at 
and we'll talk. 

I wish that I could do hundreds of these but 5 full photo sessions is a lot of time for me, but it's time I'm willing to give. :)

I know that I'm not the biggest name photographer or the fanciest of people but I figure I'm good enough at what I do to be free. Right?

Let's do everything we can to savor the time we have together on the planet. We are all so important.

I'm not trying to advertise, those who know me know that's not my thing, but if you contact me and the five spots are already full, lets talk and work out a discounted price.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Three Girls and a Boy

This was the best to watch (but not be involved in...ha.) And three sisters constantly wanted to be near and help out their baby brother.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012